Participatory design

The research subject of my master’s thesis was user participation in a co-design event open for all. The aim was to find out how users can participate by means of design during the design process and how the users can be motivated to participate. As a result I also described what should be considered when an open co-design event is organized.

Date: 2014
Services: Research

To collect the research material, I was part of a project group that planned and carried out two cases of open co-design events. The cases were part of IDeALL and Elävä Lappi projects, where the methods of service design were integrated into Living Lab activity. I also made interviews and used observation to collect material.

SINCO Service Innovation Corner is used for prototyping services.

In total the users could participate in five different ways, that I described and analyzed. The research was a qualitative case study, that also adapted constructive design research methods.